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If you have any questions you can contact our support via multiple channels including live chat, e-mail, and a call back request. You can always go to our FAQ page and find the most frequent questions and answers and see if that helps you out. 

Please contact our customer care desk via:

  • Live chat: average response time, 30 seconds.
  • Email: average response time, between 30 and 60 minutes.
  • Call back: average response time, between 15 and 60 minutes.

Our customer care desk is available 24/7.

Read everything about responsible play and our player protection tools.

Guts Support: Providing Top-Tier Assistance for New Zealand Players

At Guts Casino, we believe in three simple things that make a brand stand tall: strength in our offerings, dedication to players, and unwavering professionalism. Not only are we committed to adhering to these principles; but our promise to you is to also be there when needed. Accessibility and reachability stand as pillars of Guts support system. No matter the time or day, our experienced and friendly support team is always on hand for our players. Be it an early morning query or a late-night concern, we are always on standby to help. For those immediate questions or urgent matters, our live chat function offers a direct channel to our support personnel, ensuring that no player feels stranded. And for in-depth discussions or feedback, players can always reach us via email. Each communication avenue is tailored to ensure a blend of promptness and comprehensive support. 

Guts Casino Registration Guide

The bedrock of our reputation is our constant commitment to user experience, starting right from the moment a player decides to join our platform. We are aware that players require our assistance even before they are officially registered in the Guts Casino New Zealand database. For this reason, we have designed a quick and smooth registration procedure, so that players can start playing minutes after visiting the Guts website. In order to make the process as clear as possible, refer to the step-by-step guide below for detailed explanations:  

  1. Access the Guts Casino website: Our website serves as the primary gateway for all new players. Designed with an intuitive layout, it offers easy navigation, leading prospective players directly to the registration section. Check it out here 
  1. Complete the registration form: The next step involves filling out a concise registration form. This is integral for personalising the gaming experience to cater to player preferences. 
  1. Submission of personal information: The security of our players’ data is a top priority. Players are asked to provide necessary personal information, which is safeguarded using advanced encryption technologies, reflecting our commitment to ensuring safety and trust. 
  1. Verification code entry: A unique verification code is sent to the player’s designated email or phone. Inputting this code is the final step in the registration process, which confirms the player’s authenticity and completes their entry. 

Contacting Guts Support: Live Chat and Email 

Ensuring a smooth gaming experience for every player is paramount to us at Guts Casino. Keeping that in mind, the professional Guts support team is in charge of providing you with answers to any questions you may have, as well as solutions to your potential problems or concerns. Here are the primary ways to get in touch with our team: 

  • Live Chat: Available within Guts support Help Centre, the Live Chat feature is a direct line to our support team, offering immediate assistance. Notably, the response times are quick, so players from New Zealand can anticipate prompt support, often within a matter of minutes. 
  • Email Support: For players who might be seeking a more in-depth response or have intricate queries, our email support is an ideal choice. Queries can be sent to [email protected], and we pride ourselves on our swift email response times, given that the average response time is within 60 minutes.  

Understanding Gaming Behaviour: Guts Self-Assessment Test 

As part of our ongoing commitment to responsible gaming, we offer a dedicated section on our official customer support page that focuses on helping players maintain responsible gambling habits. For those who might have concerns about their gaming habits or are anxious about potentially developing a gambling problem, our Self-Assessment Tool can be a crucial resource. 

This tool is designed to provide players with a comprehensive understanding of their gambling behaviours, particularly focusing on the patterns observed over the past 12 months. By answering a series of thoughtfully crafted questions, players can gain valuable insights into their habits, which can subsequently guide any needed adjustments to ensure safe and enjoyable play. 

Navigating Safe Play: Guts Support’s Commitment to Responsible Gambling

In our continual efforts to offer a safe gaming environment, Guts Casino has also integrated several robust tools and features. These features were designed with our players’ well-being in mind, giving them full control of their gaming habits. 

The self-exclusion feature

If ever you feel the need to distance yourself from gambling temporarily, this feature provides the ideal solution. During this interval, Guts support guarantees the cessation of all marketing communications, and no deposits or bets can be placed. The measures imposed here are temporary; once the designated self-exclusion phase concludes, your accounts are automatically reactivated.

Another layer of control is offered through the time-out feature.

With options to pause your gaming activities for 24 hours, 7 days, or 30 days, this feature ensures a gambling break for players who may need it. Once the selected time-out period elapses, account access is automatically restored. Should you wish to utilise this feature, it is easily accessible online when logged in. Alternatively, our Guts support customer service is always at hand to assist.

Keeping Time in Check: The Reality Check Reminder 

Staying cognisant of the time spent gaming is crucial. To aid in this, Guts support service introduced the reality check reminder. As you indulge in any casino game, this feature actively keeps track, alerting you at intervals you have pre-set. On reaching the stipulated duration, a notification offers a brief summary of your playing time and net position, affording you the choice to continue, stop, or review your betting history in detail. It is worth noting that for an optimal experience, accepting cookies and avoiding incognito mode on your browser ensures the reality check reminder functions seamlessly. 


The customer support centre is always open. The centre is open for you to get in touch with the support team in English at any time (24/7). The fact that Guts offers many options for support is quite advantageous to clients. Players have the freedom to select a method that matches their needs and depending on the urgency of their issue.

How do I register on Guts Casino? 

Visit the Guts Casino website and navigate to the registration section. Complete the registration form and provide the necessary personal information. After submitting, you will receive a unique verification code on your chosen email or phone as a final step. 

How can I reach out to the Guts support team if I encounter any issues? 

Guts Casino offers two primary methods to contact our support team. For immediate assistance, use our Live Chat feature. Alternatively, if you have detailed queries, email us at [email protected]

How long is the waiting time for responses? 

You can receive a response via the Live Chat feature in under a minute, and for emails, the response time is around 60 minutes. 

How often are the Guts support customer service agents available? 

Guts agents are available round the clock, 24/7, all seven days in a week. 

Does Guts have tools to help players assess their gambling behaviour? 

We offer a Self-Assessment Tool on our customer support page. This tool helps you understand your gambling habits over the past year through a series of questions. 

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